A Portuguese beautician has been sentenced to 2 weeks jail for causing hurt.

56 year old, taxi driver, Lee Cee Wing had picked up Paula Alexandra Aiyos Ribeiro, a 45-year old Singapore PR and her husband, a Myanmar nation from Clarke Quay. They boarded his Mercedes cab and asked to be driven to Yishun St 61.

Upon arrival, Mr Lee informed the couple that the fare was $31.50. Instead of paying, the couple got out of taxi.

Mr Lee gave chase. The couples refused to pay and hurled vulgarities at him when he threatened to call the police.

When Mr Lee called for the police, the couple tried to flee. Mr Lee held on to Ribeiro’s husband’s shirt. That’s when Ribeiro took a bite of Mr Lee’s arm and hurl even more profanities at him.

The couple evetually paid up after the police arrived.

Ribeiro will start her jail term for causing hurt on Thursday.

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