To Andrian Van Miller (, you left me with no choice but to do this.

To the public, i hope you will take some time to read this, know the truth about this being, share this around to know about his whereabouts and bring him to justice. Please, help a brother out.

One day before Hari Raya Puasa, i received a phonecall from a mutual friend of Andrian, saying that he got into trouble with the law and hoping that i might be able to help by finding a bailor so that Andrian would at least be able to spend some time and Hari Raya with his loved ones. Of course, i looked at him as a brother and i wanted to help so much, that i did the unthinkable. I asked my my mum to bail my friend out for 15K and the only thing that i gave her was the trust and assurance that my good friend here would never jump bail. and he did just that a few weeks later.

To cut the story short, my mum have to go to the state court on the 20th of October to pay the stated fine(15k) or she would be jailed not more than 3 months. My whole family is screwed, i have broken the family’s trust and my mother is taking the blame because of me. and the best part is Andrian is out there having a superb time with his Attica counterparts while we are here feeling depressed and worried about what would happen to my mother in due time.

I hope that those who have read this would share this around and call the police or pm me abt his whereabouts and his residing place as he is a WANTED MAN and if we leave this solely to the police, my mum wouldve already finished her given sentence. there is still time if we or the police are able to nab him so my mum can wothdraw herself from being his bailor. Please, help a brother out.

And to Andrian’s friends who are helping him out, please know that he is a manipulative bastard with alot of made up sad stories and if you still wanna help him i have nothing to say to you other than you can go and fuck yourself.

Thank you for reading. Good day…

PS: thats the bastard’s face if you are wondering how he looks like.

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