I would like to share this incident which happened to my hubby, my daughter and me. The time was about 9.30pm on 15 October 2016 when my husband booked a Grab car to pick us up from Tekka market taxi stand to Jalan Kayu. A female driver accepted the booking and the private car arrived but instead of stopping at the taxi stand she stopped at the curb which is in the middle of the road. There were many vehicles behind her and they started horning at her impatiently.

I was carrying my 2 year old daughter. The least she could have done is to stop her car at the taxi stand. Nevertheless we rushed into the vehicle. My husband casually asked her why didn’t she stop at the taxi stand. This was her exact reply “why must I stop there. My car is not a taxi and I don’t care about the other vehicles which are horning. I don’t care”.

Following this, my daughter has motion sickness so I applied Vicks Vapour rub to her nose. Suddenly the driver winds down the window of the front passenger seat. My husband who was sitting there was baffled and asked her why did she do that. To this she replied “I’m sorry it’s a different relationship and I have the oil smell ” and kept on repeating it.

We got worried thinking that it has got to do with petrol oil smell and asked her worriedly on what exactly is this smell. She replied saying that “you are Indians so it’s a different relationship and the oil smell is there”. We were extremely insulted with her remarks. Yet we kept quiet and my husband started to wind up the windows as he was feeling hot and wanted to enjoy the aircon. She again said “please don’t close the window. You are Indians and the oil smell is there”.

All these just because I applied Vicks vapour rub for my 2 year old daughter. My husband lost his patience and said we don’t wish to continue this ride and asked if we could alight at KK hospital as it was the nearest. She refused and said she will only drop us at the same place where she picked up from. We asked her if she can drive us to the police station and she refused by saying I don’t know any police station. At a time when racial solidarity is greatly encouraged in Singapore through various forms of media, I am disgusted to say that such people still exist who insult other fellow Singaporeans just based on races alone.

To add on, we called up Grab customer service hotline and complained about this ugly incident that we were subjected to and we were promised that prompt action will be taken and we will be duly informed of the action taken. We had provided our contact details as well. It’s 18 October 2016 and unfortunately we have yet to receive any updates or information on the action taken.

This clearly shows that they are abetting the actions of this particular driver and agree with the comments passed on us. Thus I would like to share with everyone on how this ugly hearted person is and do look out for her in case she may lash her comments on more innocent Indians.

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