Dear sirs,

Thank you for publishing my letter. I am writing on behalf of my dad who is a staff of SPH.

And whom have not been sleeping well since he found out from Yahoo! about the impending retrenchment. How ironic! SPH prides itself as a reliable news source, yet its staff had to wait weeks to find out the news from other sources.

Looking at the current economic condition and at his age of 55, you can surely understand why. But what’s irked him most is, he is passionate about his job and had given his all. Yet all he gets is a “news blackout” from his own company that he fought for.

We have the following questions for the SPH’s management and hope through your social media network we raise questions how they can do the staff such a big disservice.

1. Why aren’t the staff given a heads-up earlier?

Rumours have been in the office about retrenchment for a while. And when Yahoo first broke the news about the rumours, SPH didn’t debunk it.

Which also means, SPH somewhat confirms it. So my question is why can’t the SPH management be upfront about the retrenchment with the staff?

Maybe their excuse is they fear compromising shareholders’ interest when they are reporting the financial position.

But, I would like to remind the management of SPH that whatever profit that the shareholders are enjoying came from the sweat of staff.

What shareholders’ are facing are but lower returns. But staff are facing the loss of their livelihood. So don’t you think staff deserves to be informed first?


2. Why can’t SPH work with the union earlier to save jobs? Scared of union ah?

Economy is bad now. Retrenchment is in the news every week.

So If there is a need for SPH to protect shareholders’ interest, then at least tell union earlier so they have time to find an alternative to retrenchment, like redeploy staff to other departments or have time to train staff for other jobs right?

But we are sad to learn from, again Yahoo!, that the union was only told 30 minutes before the Monday townhall!

That makes me wonder why? Management didn’t bother trying alternatives to retrenchment?

This last few days is a very bad one for my family.

It is frustrating for my dad to learn that the company that he once so proud of, is so heartless and totally disregard the livelihood of staff. We still don’t know if he will lose his job, and when he will be asked to leave.

I also want to urge the shareholders to also stand on the staff side and voice out for them.

Ultimately they are the one who brings you returns for your investment.

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