My name is Hoan and I am raising funds for my son Khang’s medical bill.

Khang is my second child, my little son who is 20 months old. He was a normal happy boy like others until he was 16 months. Then he started being ill with continuous high prolonged fever. I took him from hospital to hospital, from our town, and then to Hanoi to a bigger hospital. He was in hospital for many weeks but his health was not improved. Instead he got worse.

I was very tense, worried and scared of his fever because it was always high and did not come down even with medicine. See him cowering in his shivering fever made my heart hurt so much, and I felt helpless.

Khang is a smart and cute boy. He like singing, he even sings when he is tired. He can talk a lot, but the words he has learnt recently are: inject, injection machine, check temperature, take blood, put IV (intravenous line), take medicine… Sometimes he puts thermometer under his armpit then takes it out, then he said to me: Mami, it is 39 degree. Oh my poor boy! My tears keep dropping.

I decided to take him to Singapore. I gathered all money I had and could mobilized to take him to National University Hospital (NUH) of Singapore for medical examination and treatment with the belief and hope that I could find a way to help him get better.

In hospital, the doctors found out Khang had many infections which were the reason for his continuous fever. In October, he was diagnosed with HyperIgM syndrome, disease of immune system that explain why he keeps getting bad infections again and again. The cure for this is a bone marrow transplant, and the cost for that is up to SGD200, 000.

When I heard this, I felt like sky was falling down, and my whole body was weak. I don’t know what I should do, all I know is that I have to try my best for him.

Next time will be extremely difficult for us but I will try my best for him, doctors will do their best for him. And I hope so much you will also help him to give him an opportunity to be healthy like other children, like your children- the blessed children with good health.

I pray every time of every day that God will help my poor boy, will bring him back to health, and I can see his happy smile. Any help from you is very precious to us. Thank you so much.

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