I was quite disturbed by this incident that actually happened to us few weeks back. Am hesitating whether to share or not share it. Finally… I decided I have to.

It happened on a usual go home day with so many children running around at the playground downstairs proceeding with their daily activities Parents picking up their kid from the childcare at my block too (Sengkang).

We moved towards to our HSH as usual with Sarah and Shandy running ahead of us, Shannen in the middle and we both parents were at the last row loaded with all the school bags and stuffs. But still the girls were within our sights. They 2 small ones were fast and reached the block, standing next to the lift waiting for us.

Once Shandy dashed into the lift alone and I scolded her, telling her how dangerous it was. So, they still remember what I’ve taught them. Just then, we saw Shannen running foward, fast, and suddenly. Then, I heard Shannen shouting for me. I tried to moved quickly but it still took me a while because of the heavy stuffs.

Sarah told me that a China guy approached them, asking her 你的爸爸和妈妈在哪里? As she was only able to replied in English, what she said was “over there”. When the China guy saw Shannen dashing near them, he quickly ran away. I was pissed. Kept thinking what I should do with it. This is my country, a place which I am a proud citizen to. A place where we belong. It’s not safe anymore!!!!!!!!

It took me quite a while to calm myself down. At one point, I wanted to bring Sarah downstairs, asking her to try to recognized that fellow, take a pic and report to police, but hubby said he was sure long gone. Maybe to find another new target.

Now, I wanna share with my friends out there. Be careful, dun take for granted. My block is always crowded with kids, not forgetting that there’s a childcare downstairs too. If Sarah was alone, she might be taken away. They used to love hiding behind some walls, waiting to scare us when we walked back home as usual. No more!!!

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