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Very disappointed with the way the restaurant treats their older staff

On Sat, 15 Oct, my dad and I visited the Central Hong Kong Cafe at Vivocity. There was a takeaway counter near the entrance of the restaurant offering sticks of finger food at 3 for $5.50 and 1 stick for $2. There was an old lady of at least 70 years old attending to the takeaway counter. My dad conversed with her in Cantonese and had a hearty 2 min chat with her. As she was getting very acquainted to the language, I guess the old lady found familiarity and solidarity in the conversation. My dad asked for beef tripe and the old lady threw in an extra piece of meat for my dad.

At this moment, a lady, presumably to the a supervisor or perhaps the owner walked out of the takeaway counter together with a PRC worker, who had been watching behind the old lady’s back and saying things to this lady. They both took over the takeaway container and started to inspect the contents. I was standing at a distance and could hear the lady say, Wah, you gave him so many pieces of beef ah? How many sticks did he want?

My dad looked at the lady in amazement and did not want to make a scene, he said, never mind, charge me for another portion then. The old lady seemed very frightened and did not talk. I walked up to the scene asked what happened and my dad briefed me. I had a look at the container which had about 5 – 6 pieces of beef, and let’s say 1 stick is about 2 – 3 pieces, so this is probably about 2 and a half sticks. I was angry and wanted to retort but was held back by my dad. In the end we paid $7.50 for 4 sticks and left.

What made me really really angry was not the amount I paid, but how the old lady was sarcastically chided by the younger lady. I guess it might be giving that single miserable extra piece of morsel to us that pissed her off. I stayed around there for the next 5 mins and saw that she was told to sit at the corner and not allowed to serve, which I thought might be even better for her!

The way this restaurant treats its elderly staff is appalling. I will never patronize this restaurant anymore.

Central Hong Kong Cafe
Located in: VivoCity
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-13/14, VivoCity, VivoCity, 098585

Ericsson Koh
A.S.S Contributor

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