was on the way to work and I met, or rather this asshole met me on the road.. Honked at me for NO REASON AT ALL. Please let me know if i did something wrong on the road. I was
riding fine according to road rules, 2 second rule, i was not road hogging or whatever.

So he honks at me and i change lane, passes by me, winds down his passenger side window where a sad and depressed looking lady is sitting, and calls me out for a fight. I can only conclude that he thinks that only cars own lane 1 on the expressway.

if you want to disrespect riders on lane 1, you don’t deserve a license. give it up, take that bus, bitch face mofo. you’re not a big fuck just cuz you own a car. and your car has a sticker that says “Bikezilla” so what is your problem penis?

A.S.S. Contributor

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