In its Friday sermon (Oct 14), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) said technology has made it easier for people to indulge in “transgressions and misdeeds” such as pornography and online gambling.

According to Muis, “Online gambling is an extremely worrying trend and it requires our utmost attention. It has the potential to not only affect the individual involved, but also the entire family and community. When a person becomes addicted, they are more prone to lose control of themselves and to spiral into lawlessness. That is why Islam firmly prohibits gambling.”

Muis urged Muslims to educate their children on the perils of gambling. Muslims should registered themselves on the self-exclusion system to voluntarily exclude themselves from partaking in any licensed gambling activities.

Muis cautioned that many gamblers have ended up bankrupt, thus affecting their families. “There are people who might argue that it is not a problem as long as gambling does not become habitual, or is only done through social media. However, research has shown that those who become addicted to gambling began as “social gamblers.”

Muis’ statement comes after the official statement released by the National Councils of Churches and the Catholic Church in Singapore.

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