To my friend outside of Thailand. You might be surprised to see all Thai people sharing our King’s pictures on Facebook at this moment. You might wonder what is happening and why. The reason is, our beloved King of Thailand is unwell and we are all praying for his recovery. If you do not know our King, you might also wonder why Thai people love our King so much.

Let me proudly tell you why.

In all 70 years as the King of Thailand, our King had never live a luxurious life as he could do. Every day, as long as I can remember, he had worked long day and long night to help us, his people.

He traveled to all the remote areas in Thailand. Places that even us do not dare to go. Map and pencil in his hands, creating thousands of his Royal projects to help his people with water project, agricultural, healthcare and so many other things more than we can think about.

His palace, unlike any palace in this world, is the testing ground for new agricultural concept aim to improve people’s living. Many of these concepts had been implemented all over the country.

We love him not because he is the King of Thailand but because what he has done. Our King, the ordinary man who had been working to help us all his life and never asked for anything in return.

To Thai people, our King is truly the center of our love and believe in goodness. Regardless of your religion, please help us pray for his recovery.

Cr. Picture by Napan Sevikul

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