Thank you for your support over the year and a half. Those who have followed STR after the shut down of The Real Singapore, thank you for your loyalty. I will continue to write more articles exposing the corruptions of the Singapore government.

The recent collapse of SPH’s The New Paper calls for celebration because States Times Review is now seeing more than one million clicks every month, and I aim to keep this news media free and sustain itself by website clicks. I will expand STR’s capabilities and extend to Business news, in order to grind down the state media’s credibility.

I would also like to update everyone that I have been granted the permanent residency status in Australia. I thank the Australian government for adopting me as their own, sheltering from the fear of defamation and persecution by a wayward regime who thinks it can legalise corruptions. Henceforth, I look forward to contributing to the Australian community.

Unfortunately, I will never return to Singapore as the corrupted regime will definitely see to it my incarceration. Nonetheless, I hope more Singaporeans step up and voice out against corruptions and malpractices.

Those who have voiced out and are now suffering, I thank you. I won’t allow your injustice to go unheard and your effort go unrequited, the evildoers will pay for their deeds.

May the righteous prevail.

Best regards,
Alex Tan Zhixiang
States Times Review Editor

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