This happened today 12/10/2016 at 1332hrs. I was driving my newly purchased 1 week old car along Sin Ming Drive near LTA when this unknown China pedestrian suddenly ran across the road from my left, without looking for oncoming traffic. Thus, he collided into the front portion of my car.

The accident was so sudden that I got totally no time to react at all. I went out of my vehicle, tried to render assistance to the pedestrian who was lying on the road, groaning constantly in pain. A helpful female passerby assisted me to call ambulance whilst I called for police.

Thankfully, I had an in-car-camera installed by previous owner & had recorded the accident footage. A helpful motorist who was driving ahead of me during the accident approached me & was willing to be my witness. He sent me his rear in-car-camera video footage of the accident from his car's in-car-camera.

Both of us later went to Thomson NPP where we lodged our road traffic accident reports as advised by the TP officer, after the pedestrian was conveyed by ambulance to hospital. I have also lodged an insurance report & I was informed that I cannot claim from the pedestrian as pedestrians do not have insurance coverage. I have to either pay for my own damages, or claim my own insurance.

I was informed the damages will cost at least $1k and above. Thus, I've decided to claim my insurance, & risk an increase on my next year's insurance premium, despite that this is not my fault. I've contacted the pedestrian's boss who informed me that she was not at scene & she can't comment on the accident.

According to her, she claimed that her China worker has a broken thigh bone & nursing a concussion at the hospital. This is the first time I had an accident with a pedestrian. There were dents on my bonnet, & vehicle registration plate, & also several paintwork scratches on my front bumper.

I'm not sure if this is a scam by the pedestrian or his pure carelessness. For those who had accidents with pedestrians before, please advise. Thank you for reading & watching the video.

Mr Kang

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