A few years ago i get to know this thai girl from a local thai club in golden mile. She and I got along well and soon we start to hangout after and before her work. Despite my friends tell me she not a good girl, some even say she look like ahgua cause of her face features and tall height, we talk about marriage and settling down together. But she no tell me that she actually has a teenage son back in thailand, until I fall in love with her already. So can say she trick my feelings by not telling me the truth.

So recently my friends found and see her facebook, and find out that she is working in another club in Malaysia (maybe cheat too many Singaporeans already) so need go another country to work already. I write this post not because of anything, but to warn other people not to fall into siambus traps like this. You will waste your money, your time, and your heart.

I hope ASS will post my story to help me warn the brothers in the same country. TYVM.

A.S.S. Contributor

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