The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) have been notified of the death of a dengue patient at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). MOH and NEA wish to express our deepest condolences to the family of the patient.

2. The patient was an 11-year-old Singaporean male who stayed at Woodleigh Close. He was admitted to KKH on 30 August 2016 and passed away on the same day. He was made a Coroner’s case and MOH was informed of the cause of death in the coroner’s report on 11 October 2016.

3. The patient’s residence at Woodleigh Close was an active 2-case dengue cluster, which was notified on 6 September 2016. No breeding was detected there. The cluster has since closed on 14 September 2016. NEA will continue with routine surveillance to check for and destroy any potential breeding habitats.

4. We need to remain vigilant and continue to work as a community to suppress the Aedes mosquito population and keep dengue cases in check. As the same mosquito vector which transmits dengue also transmits Zika, yellow fever and chikungunya, the preventive measures implemented will also help to prevent Zika and other vector-borne diseases from taking root in Singapore.

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