Dear ASS Editor,

I find Minister Josephine Teo’s statement about needed small spaces to make babies extremely distasteful and insensitive to the feelings of plus sized Singaporeans.

For your information, when you weight 120 kilos, and the wife weighs 90 kilos, it is impossible to do ‘it’ in a small space. We need a big space to even get comfortable for sex.

Do you understand how warm it can get when two big bodies come together in a small confined space? Before we even start, we will be sweating non stop.

It is uncomfortable and a small space is definitely not conducive to make babies, unless you mean to say that fat people do not deserve to make babies. If that is what you meant, you are a discriminatory and pathetic human being who has no empathy.

Please be sensitive to the feelings of all Singaporeans and understand the true feedback from the ground. Give us enough space for all Singaporeans to feel at home and feel comfortable enough to make babies. This is the only way you will get Singaporeans to give birth.

Emo Fat Boy aka Terry Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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