This morning’s article on “aged care” is of great concern. Only last week I heard of a case where a family found it convenient to leave a sibling in a nursing home, out of convenience. Also a case of a parent sent to a nursing home.

The truth is the pace of life, the emphasis on material living, the preoccupation with success have left the younger generation with little choice, but change their values system; Not for the better, though, but for practical reasons.

Is this what modern living is all about? In one generation, we have changed from a family caring Confucian outlook society to one in which a senior member of the family becomes a liability who deserved to be sent to a nursing home.

Yes, mum and dad, are important and their views are important. What is to be done to them cannot be decided by a bureaucracy the think of nothing but material success and economic growth nor by family members out of convenience.

It is not the physical environment that is important. It is the emotional care that matters to the aged. These must be managed in society and in the family.

Our values system, our human values are critical to our future.

Otherwise, we will be meeting in such a home one day.

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