Since taking over Punggol East SMC, PAP MP Charles Chong had been trying to stir up anger among residents towards the Workers’ Party by making false accusations of financial misconduct and mismanagement against AHTC.

In April, Charles Chong falsely claimed that AHTC had been slow in handing over funds for Punggol East.

This was swiftly rebutted by AHTC Chairman Pritam Singh

In July, the PAP man made another false claim that AHTC had denied his team of Auditors from PWC access to its books.

This was again corrected by AHTC which explained it had already appointed KPMG to audit its accounts and allowing PWC access would be a duplication of work.

In essence, anyone who has had to have an audit would know that such an exercise comes with a lot of preparatory work and is very time-consuming. WP’s stance was hence understandable as it was in the thick of an audit by KPMG.

The most ironic development in that latest scuffle was the PAP’s failure to even turn up at the apex court’s hearing on the dispute engineered by Pasir Ris-Punggol (PPRTC) Town Council (PPTC) under its shameless Chairman Zainul bin Sapari, who gained notoriety recently for his embarrass antics at the Football Association of Singapore.

Just yesterday, the AHTC delivered it best response to PPRTC and Charles Chong with the announcement that it has handed over Punggol East SMC to PRPTC in better financial health as compared to the time it took over the constituency in the aftermath of the Punggol East by-election of 2013.

The release noted that:
“While PRPTC handed over to AHTC $22.5 million in Sinking Funds after the Punggol East by-election, AHTC is handing over to PRPTC $26.8 million in Sinking Funds and another $755,000 in accumulated surplus, totaling $27.5 million.”

Given the PAP’s vengeful characteristics in its drive to wipe out all Opposition in Parliament, this will likely not put an end to its constant sniping at and attempt to sabotage the Workers’ Party.

Nevertheless, it exposes the vacuity of the dictatorial party’s stance – that WP is mismanaging its accounts and can’t get its act right.

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