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All HTC phones may have similar exploding issues as Note7 in Singapore‏: This is as according to what HTC Singapore told me.

My HTC phone exploded 1 week before issues about Note 7 came to light. The HTC phone model that had exploded in my room was a Desire 610. This had been a great phone for me for more than 1 year before it exploded. I was charging this phone with its official HTC charger for about 4 hours when I noticed the built-in battery had ballooned so much that it had pushed the non-removal back plate out of the phone. After removing the phone from the charging unit, I attempted to pressed the inflated battery down as I was hoping to get the back plate back onto the phone. That was when the battery expelled sparks and smoke then exploded into flames. No one was injured but I spent hours clearing smoke and cleaning soot in the room.

I did not have warranty for this phone after more than a year then but I’ll like HTC to investigate the cause. I sent the phone and charger in to HTC Singapore the following day. The following were the replies from HTC.

1) There were NO fault found with the charger and the phone which will result the explosion

2) The cause is likely due to non-HTC charger used (can be power bank or charging via computer usb) anytime during owner’s procession of the phone.

3) All HTC phones MUST only use their “specially made” official HTC phone charger otherwise warranty will be voided and they will not be responsible for such exploding incident. i.e. you are not allow to use a powerbank to charge HTC phone if you want the warranty to be valid for 12 months.

4) HTC said that such terms and conditions were written in their website and their warranty booklet but unable to show proof.

I’ve also rejected their offer for a new Desire 610 because I’ll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. My request to have my exploded phone back was rejected without reason as well and I’ve submitted a police report against them. Attached photos taken when I sent in to HTC. I hope the public be aware of such cover-ups by this mobile phone brand

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