Dear FAS

What is wrong with you guys, the INCUMBENT TEAM at FAS?

You say one thing to cull off the AGM and then now you call for EOGM without making one attempt to engage in dialogue or consultation or discussion with us and come to some form of agreement on the proposed amendments.

If you can’t even consult with us on such stuff, can we trust your team to run FAS for the next 4 years and take on board the interest of the 46 stakeholders?

This is the final nail in your coffin of running FAS as your own kingdom without consultation with the real people that matter, the stakeholders. We need you and your team to be thrown out with the bath water!

We need a new team at FAS. This must not comprise even one of the existing incumbents.

I know you will go around to gain votes by promising the world and a little more but if you cannot be trusted to consult on the constitution, rest assured, it is my firm view you cannot be trusted to consult the stakeholders on all aspects of FAS for the next 4 years.

Also it’s appalling that FAS hires Fandi when the new team should determine the staff issues for the next 4 years. For the record you have shamelessly stolen this idea from Vengadasalam Rengayyan who proposed hiring Fandi Ahmad and making him an ambassador for Singapore Football. This was in our planned manifesto and Venga had spoken to Fandi Ahmad about this. Now you have hired him to go and … spread the incumbent’s FAS ” vision” and soften the ground with the stakeholders.

For the rest of the issues I have raised, read it for yourself on the New Paper report by Shamir Osman.

Yours faithfully

Alfred Dodwell

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