This morning during peak hours, after trying to hail down a cab for more than 20 mins and seeing many empty Comfort cabs driving past me with a “busy” sign (as usual), I had no choice but to book a cab as I had to be on time for my appointment.

After calling the “Comfort & Citicabs” direct line, I waited for more than 5 minutes but the cab still had not arrived. I called the direct line again to check on the cab’s location and it was at Punggol! My location is in Sengkang!

During these minutes when I was waiting for my booked cab and calling the direct line to check on my booked cab, I saw many Comfort cabs with the “busy” sign driving past me. Why are taxi bookings not assigned/accepted by the nearest taxis but by a taxi that is so far away from the pickup location?

I was so frustrated as I may be late for my appointment. I had no choice but to request for a change of taxi, which meant that I had to wait a few more minutes for the second booked cab.

This is such a waste of time for passengers!

Frustrated passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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