I NEED A HELP PLS..!!Any lawyer mummy here? Can give me some advice pls?…about my gal an accident at (AEON MOLLY FANTASY) Kepong Metro Prima shopping mall play ground seriously hitting and hurt she left eye!!

Here My story..

Sunday 2/10 I bring my gal went to the shopping mall play ground..when my gal was happy playing the big castle house slide (suddenly got a ppl throw a kids ride bike came down from the slide) and it is seriously hitting and hurt my little gal eye..Pity my gal now she left eyes was hurt & swollen untill can’t open it..!!! Isit playground management need to responsibility?

#When the accident happend i got go to the counter asked why the bike can be at up stair..BUT the counter gal just answer me..(SORRY HARI INI SATU ORANG KERJA!!!) No body will come out for responsibility ..somemore that time we a rush to bring my gal to hospital coz my gal eye is on the sport swollen by the hit.

So i really no time to argue so much just leave..after that i had call & complain them..and we also meet the play ground branch manager for today…I ask how come the toys can be there? U know who throwing? Why no staff take care make sure the toys no being taken to upstiar… End up the answer is (no CCTV is can see who r throw the bike.that time is the change shif time so not more staff* now we can do is atur baik kita punya staff but end up i didnt get anything confirm responsibility from them some more they behaviour let me feel my gal this case not a big deal from them..when i ask for how urs wan to responsible? fully cover my gal medical cost.?

If said my gal eye next time got any effect HOW? They also answer & cant comfrim me!!Only answer me need to wait upstair bos reply..the upstair bos now no at the office it outstation….WHAT I GET IS GO BACK TO WAIT FOR EMAIL…..

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