Early March 2016 I get to know this Vietnam girl working at New Shanghai KTV Lor 7 Geylang. We exchanged contacts and frequently go out together. Back then in March she was working illegally with visitor pass.

Early April she went back to Vietnam, Hanoi. Almost throughout the whole day and everyday she would message and video call. Seems rather sweet, so end of April I went over for a 5 days vacation and my entire trip was with her. She waited for me at airport upon my arrival.

Relationship seems to grow, and early May she followed me when I returned. ICA denied her entry, but granted only 11days as I spoke to them. She insisted to overstay and work, but I declined her, insisting she must go back as instructed by ICA in order to keep a good record.

Mid June I went over for a short trip again and she followed me back. This time her stay was 1 month. As expected, I know she would insist to go work despite me disagreeing to it.

Despite being close together and was often talking about marriage.. I found out she was cheating when she was suppose to return during July… And also discovered the voice messages sent to her.

I delayed her intended flight.

Mid July when I sent her to airport, and she begin to feel that I know something which she has been hiding from me, she did not board the flight.

In fact, she stayed for a few more days and went back to the KTV. Early August she returned with work permit, despite submitting to ICA & MOM to inform all these, no action was taken.

Now with a legal permit granted from MOM, she continues to freelance and lure other guys.

Angry Man
A.S.S. Contributor

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