Mr Balarugan, a construction worker employed by Scaf-Link Engineering, fell from a height while he was lining the inner walls of a rubbish chute at a HDB block at Jalan Rumah Tinggi.

The accident took place at 10AM yesterday.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed that it was alerted to a case of fall from height at about 10.10AM and when rescuers arrived, they found the severely injured Mr Balarugan in a one-man cage inside the rubbish chute on the ground floor.

He had sustained fractures on his ankles, shins, thighs, abdominal swelling as well as spinal injuries. It was not known how high up he was when he fell.

SCDF officers spent 15 minutes using a hydraulic cutter to get Mr Balarugan out.

He was taken to the National University Hospital.

He was then taken to the National University Hospital, which had been alerted to be on standby to receive him.

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