Underage Party Go’ers are allowed?

For those who’ve heard of it, Atlantis Fright Night is coming up this October 22 and it’s a 18 years old and ^ event. However, the promoters have been secretly sneaking in underage party goers, which I can only assume for the sake of earning extra $$ from sales of tickets. Why should one pay $35 to party with a bunch of drunk rowdy kids who’ll probably ruin the night by getting into unneaseacry fights? I’ve seen a few promoters promoting on social media saying things like “if you’re underage, no worries we have our ways to get you in” They’re not even trying to hide it.

Every clubs or events are bound to have fights but if you’ve attended the previous events of Atlantis you’d get what I mean. Going back to point 1), they allow underage party goers in. The fights are outrageously annoying. These kids will look for every possible reason they can come up with to get into fights which invites raids from the police, and ultimately, ruining your night of partying. You’ll get questioned for no reason, probably checked or even dragged out to be checked. Even if you’re innocent they have take precautions, it’s time consuming. You’d wish you were somewhere else instead, maybe a legit club where fights don’t happen every 5 minutes.

Every single song that comes on is accompanied by constant chanting which the organizers shows no effort in trying to contain. There’s no rules that says you can’t chant, imagine having your favorite song coming on but blocked out by all the “gang” poems around you. If you think I’m exaggerating, there’s videos of it on social media which I think you can easily find if you search it up.

Have you heard of the infamous Atlantis 10? The organizers are so profit driven they literally give 0 crap over what’s going on. Previously, there was a few hundreds of people outside of the event venue who has already paid for their tickets but couldn’t get in because crowd control was not implanted. And their solution? NOTHING. Those people wasted their money only to be stranded outside with bouncers blocking the entrance. And nope, no refunds.

Mind you, tickets are mostly pre sold. Shouldnt they know the capacity of the venue before printing and selling of the tickets? C’on, Atlantis has been going on in the same venue for 12 times, they sure act like they don’t know their venue well. The whole situation inside was even worst, there was barely room to navigate due to the large crowd, bad oraganzing and planning.

Previously, one of my girl friend went and she was struck by a vodka bottle by a complete stranger. Turns out, there was a fight going on and she happened to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time. No actions taken by the bouncers, she left immediately.

P.S, I went for the events as I used to work there, not because I was being contradictory. Anyway, to prove my first point, here’s a screen shot of the conversation from one of the promoter’s group sent to me by a friend.

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