Just went grocery shopping with my mom at a neighborhood FairPrice this morning. Realised all the queues are much longer than usual.

The cause: the notes and coins slotting machine at all counters.

While queueing, the cashier will teach the customer how to use and each customer will niam at the cashier why this thing so stupid / old people don’t know how to use this etc. The cashier explained this is supposed to make things easier for the staff and customer. Then many commented where got, so troublesome and the poor cashier keep kena hantum by each disgruntled customer.

Not sure if this has been implemented at other outlets. Anybody else encountered this?

I find this machine very ineffective, especially when a cashier is at the counter. I recall using it at Cheers as well and commented to the staff huh why so mafan. The traditional method is better as many of the senior cashiers count the money pretty fast.

They should just implement the machines at larger outlets beside the credit card self service counters (I use these as the queue is much shorter) and call them the cash self service counters.

A.S.S. Contributor

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