Dear ASS

We were scheduled for a delivery time slot for the collection of our IPHONE 7 on 7 OCT 2016, FRI between 7pm to 10pm.

We waited for the delivery person from Xdel and called M1 customer service hotline at around 8.30pm to check on the delivery. The customer service officer simply told us that the delivery was a confirmed delivery and told us to wait as our time slot was between 7 to 10pm.

We waited on till 10.05pm and called into M1 as the delivery person was not in sight.

This time round the staff handling our call was much nicer and decided to check with the courier company on the status.

However, he told us that the Xdel’’s courier hotline operates only till 9pm. We were utterly disappointed as we called in at 8.30pm earlier. If the staff that has handled our call had taken a proactive role of checking with the delivery company instead of just fobbing us off with reason that she wouldn’t have the contact of the delivery company etc and that we just have to wait.

M1 has kindly provided for a waiver of the delivery charge of $20. (But seriously $20 for waiting from 7 to 10.30pm in the night.) We will like to tell M1 that it is the time spent and the disappointment that we experienced. It is not about the $20 M1.

Furthermore as the contract is under my elderly dad’s name, he had to stay up way after his usual bed-time of around 7 to 8pm just to wait for a delivery that wasn’t fulfilled. He nodded on and off to sleep but was afraid to go into deep sleep as he knew he was waiting for his phone. Imagine the excitement he was feeling while waiting but was left disappointed after hours of waiting in anticipation.

This entire experience has made us lose trust in M1 ( We have been with M1 for around 10 years and counting and our family lines and broadband line are all with M1. We have always been satisfied with M1, but we are definitely looking into another subscriber once all our contracts are up.) and more importantly we will like to advise consumers to avoid using or engaging the courier company Xdel.

We will just like to share our experience with M1 and advise other consumers to avoid taking no for an answer if they sense that their delivery is taking too long.

Insist on holding on the line and get a response from the customer an estimated arrival time of the delivery person if you think you have waited more than an hour or so within the stipulated time.

Jasmine D
A.S.S. Contributor

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