Dear Editors,

At 1130 me and mrs book a grabcar from the location in the picture to Tampines Mall. Mr Yeo accepted our booking but he is 9mins away, since im not that rushing im willing to wait abit. At 1140 he still at flora road and gps indicate he is 9 mins away and have not reach my location..

i told my mrs, give him a few more mins.. At 1148 still at flora road and its too late already, i call him and after a few rings he rejected my call. I call again, this time he turn off his mobile phone!! I call him 2 more times and still cannot get through. J

Just not my luck, i cancelled booking and reported this matter to Grab Customer Service. I even texted him asking why he accepted booking if he cannot attend to it? But no reply. So dude, this serve a lesson to you! You wanna drive, you drive sincerly. Not fool your passenger!

Khamsheena Syed Ali
A.S.S. Contributor

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