Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight the gross unfairness of the PAP since their overwhelming victory in last year’s GE as well as the substandard quality of the Opposition in failing to deliver their promise of a “first world parliament”, being in agreement with the government most of the time!

One such example is their “cooperation” in oppressing the LGBT community, subjecting us to outdated laws while allowing islamic and Christian communities the liberty to dictate “morality” in our supposedly staunch secular country.

A subsidiary of Father Lawrence Khong’s Church the “Cornerstone Community”, has launched a series of messages targeting the LGBT community, culminating in this Sunday’s massive anti-LGBT rally under the guise of celebrating family picnic day out in the open at Fort Canning Park.

How is it they are exempted from laws that Pink Dot is not, in that they can freely promote their cause in a place other than the only “designated” Hong Lim Park while Pink Dot is subjected to so many rules that we can barely hold an annual celebration in line with what similar movements in other First World nations are doing?

The contributor of your earlier post is right that while NCCS “condemns” what they perceive as other immoral attituds like adultery and abortion, they conveniently forgot there’s a thief in their fold known as “Con Hee”! And they look at the speck in others eye, forgetting there’re logs in their own!


Pauline Yap
A.S.S Contributor

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