I think I am a really horrible person.

I have a boyfriend who really loves me but behind his back, I hide many deep dark secrets.

I have always portrayed to others the image of a sweet girl and am not the clubbing/drinking type but I have an unimaginable past (considering my external image). I used to have multiple friends with benefits as I have a high sex drive and I freely made out with my dates as well. My boyfriend never asked me about my past, and I didn’t see the need to inform him.

Fast forward to now, this is where I become really horrible. It’s not just the past. I cheated on him after I got together with him as well. I even went overseas with another guy but we didn’t have sex.

I feel guilty about my actions and am constantly facing the fear of being discovered, but I can’t stop. The thrill of cheating is just too exciting. I enjoy being the object of desire of other guys as well and i enjoy having physical contact with them.

Yes, you may call me a slut. I am and I don’t deny it.

End of confession. You may go ahead to bash me. I am wrong and I know it. I just insist on continuing with this dangerous lifestyle.

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