Reposting on behalf again, because she reported my Friend post to facebook so please share!

To all female friends who wish to engage a make up artist for your big day or any event

Please avoid this UNPROFESSIONAL “so called makeup artist (MUA)” person below if you happen to receive her contact or from a referral.

As a bridesmaid, She was supposed to turn up for our makeup appointment set at 4am as confirmed by her. But on the day itself she went MISSING IN ACTION. SHE DID NOT PICK ANY OF OUR CALLS AND BLOCKED OUR CALL. We called her via whatsapp call, there was ringing tone but she did not pick up (because you can’t block whatsapp call right?)

My Friend received a sms from her at WEE HOURS between 3.45-4am that she got a bad diarrhoea and could not make it && everything JUST ends here.
We were all dumbfounded. No apology, no statement from her until today.

P/S: Sherly why did you report my Friend post? Then in the first place why are u doing this to us? You wanted to be famous so much right? Yes, this is the right time

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