Dear ASS Editors,

I wish to bring this all the people attention in Singapore. This fish soup stall at Koufu Yew Tee Point is very unhygienic. I had gone to order a fish soup with rice and fried dumpling at this stall today abt 8pm. I saw the staff at the counter she took orders as well as doing cashiering duties.

After taking my order, she went to the kitchen and I saw her thru a small square hole I saw her using her bare hand without any plastic glove and took the dumpling and put inside the fryer to fry. She came out to the counter and I asked her did she use her bare hand to take the dumpling from the fridge . She denied and said she used a plate to take the dumpling. I told her firmly I saw you taking the dumplings from the fridge and still dared to tell lie.

She replied I changed a new plate of dumpling for you. I told her no hygiene at all from her as she collected the money from the cashier and never use plastic gloves to take the dumpling. I told does she know about of Ministry of Environment. I also told the person in charge of Koufu at Yew Tee Point . I told him before that this was my 2nd time that the staffs doing. Previously the same stall same place also a PRC man doing the same like this PRC lady too.

Please beware of this stall.

Carol Soh
A.S.S. Contributor

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