Here I am with this post not to aibkan orang but to create awareness. Early 2015 I ordered my wedding cake, followed by my berkat & gift cake to my husband from custom cake (FB: Fazslin Sualey or known as Linda), everything was smooth during order, she asked from me few times for advanced payment, I did proceed with the advanced as per requested. Because I understood her as a baker & seller.

2500 berkat its not easy for her to handle herself, therefore I believed that she has to pay her manpower charges as she deployed 4 helper. 30/09/2016, I was supposed to collect 2500 berkat from her as well the gift cake, unfortunately, she texted me at 10.15 a.m. telling me that her oven broke down and jam for 5 hours and negotiated with me if she could deliver half of the balance next day.

Again, I am being helpful that I give her some allowance time and negotiate if I could collect 500 of it at 7 p.m. & another 500 at 12 midnight & she agreed to it. 7 p.m., my family collected the berkat, guess what? I only received 266 of it instead of 500?! So she told my family that she already started baking 2 days back, so tell me 266 for 3 days?! She promised my family that she’s going to complete another 700+ it by 11 p.m. Reached home and the berkat was so unpleasant.

Requested photos from her about my wedding cake, only Allah know how i felt at that point of time. She called me at 10.50 p.m. crying and told me that she unable to do it! Event is on 01 oct & 02 oct. Tell me about it what I am supposed to do? I have requested for full refund because I have to find and pay people to find my new berkats. Because of her I have to literally troubled my family & friends.

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