I am Baby Noor’s Mummy Lena, Baby Noor Was born on the 1st of March 2016 @ NUH. These donations are going to help my family and I on our hospital bills/check-ups/pampers/medications for baby Noor. Baby Noor Was Diagnosed with Tricuspid atresia is a form of congenital heart disease whereby there is a complete absence of the tricuspid valve. Therefore, there is an absence of right atrioventricular connection. This leads to a hypoplastic (undersized) or absent right ventricle when she was still in my tummy at 24 weeks.

I was in shock. I did not know what to do. I was given the choice to keep the pregnancy or abort it. I was given 2 weeks to choose. I sat myself down got myself thinking what would be the best for my family and I. Will I be able to cope. Having 3 other kids whom one of them is an asthmatic. Can I handle this? will I give up? Am I emotionally prepared? Well I stuck to my Decision to Keep Her. When She was born via an emergency c sec the nurse brought her to me I kissed her forehead and she was wisped away to Neonatal ICU. On the 2nd day of my stay in hospital I pushed myself to get up and walk down to see her. I cried in happiness thinking if I were to abort her would I ever get to see this beautiful angel.

On the 4th of March baby noor would go through her First major op to insert The Blalock–Thomas–Taussig shunt (commonly called the Blalock–Taussig shunt) is a surgical procedure used to increase pulmonary blood flow for palliation in duct dependent cyanotic heart defects like pulmonary atresia, which are common causes of blue baby syndrome. She took a month or so to recover and be discharged.

She came home to us she has been living life to the fullest without any complications till yesterday 29/9/2016 she went for a ct scan as well as 2d scan to dertermine if she should go for another BT SHUNT or go for her 2nd stage major operation. The docs came and spoke to me about this they was talking about reconstructing the LEFT artery which was now small and giving problem. So they decided to do another shunt.

She is currently in ICU under sedation and morphine to ease her pain. As Well as she is on the breathing tube with abt 80% of oxygen helping her. My husband has given up his job. To help me out running up and down to the hospital as well as looking after our other 3 kids.

I am appealing to the public to help us ease our financially tight situation. As well as help cover some of the coming bills and as well as for up coming appointments for baby noor. We are aiming for $5k. Once we have reached that amount we will stop the drive. We will also keep a close update on baby noor’s condition over here as well keep an update on bills and appointments over here. We Also need donations of Pampers as rations if anyone do have spare at home. Visiting for baby noor is welcome only during visiting hours and when we the parents are there.

Baby noors face has been blured out to protect her. Do hope you guys understand for those whom wish to contact me do drop me an email @ [email protected]

Your prayers are also greatly needed. If there are any donations to go directly or personally please bank in to

248-85690-4 POSB Savings
Bank Holder Wan

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