Dear ASS Editors,

My family is in chaos and Kong Hee’s City Harvest cult is to blame! Our family is not well to do and my mother is ill but my sister choose to donate her money to CHC church instead of helping with family expenses and my mom’s medical treatment. She says the only way to help our family is through monetary contributions to CHC which will translate into help from God.

Why is nobody putting a stop to these mega churches which suck money from their followers with promises of wealth and prosperity? Why did the National Council of Churches (NCCS) stay silent and refused to take action against such churches and their malpractices? You have church leaders living in Sentosa Cove and Beverly Hills, earning millions and this is not a problem to solve? What are the church authorities doing? Sleeping?

NCCS maintains a disturbing silence and refuses to tackle the decadence of these mega churches, but it can find the time to comment when the government approves online gambling. Is this not hypocrisy at its best?

Which is worse and what is the priority? Kong Hee gambling his church money on his b-grade wife’s singing career in the name of spreading God’s word with China Wine or the government approving online gambling in singapore? You have not even get your own house in order, now you want to police gambling and morality?

Moreover, what is so wrong with allowing online gambling in Singapore? This is year 2016 and online gambling is so easily accessible. At least with this new ruling, it stops people from gambling with money they do not have and people wont turn to “private” operators to get their online gambling fix. If you think you can ban online gambling totally, NCCS must be thoroughly outdated in their thinking! Why not tackle something you can handle like Kong Hee and issue a strong statement against him?

NCCS stop being a hypocrite and start doing the things that matter, start by taking firm punitive action against Kong Hee and his henchmen who have swindled the church’s money. Don’t waste your time on other nonsense which reflect your outdated archaic thinking. Banning gambling and prostitution, why don’t you ban Kong Hee and those who preach prosperity gospel instead? Give my family justice, Kong Hee and his brainwashing has done more harm to my family more than anything else!

NCCS, get your house in order before you even think to speak about secular matters!

Vincent Chong
A.S.S. Contributor

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