Local netizen tomyummmm who received a PES F exemption from serving National Service asked on Reddit Singapore on ways to get an upgrade so that he may continue to serve NS with his peers. His question was met with shock and many fellow Singapreans urged him to enjoy his 2 years of freedom and not do something so stupid. Would you choose to serve NS if given an exemption too? Why teens nowadays so garang and enthusiastic about NS?

“So the official reason i am downgraded to PES F is because i suffer from optic neuropathy recently where my left eye field of view became smaller over the span of last year, and have been born with squint/strabismus. 18 this year and JC2, just wanted to know what your opinions are and whether i should ask to up PES to serve.”

Responding to his question, fellow redit users urged him to not make such a folly decision and gave him a variety of reasons why he should not do it.

“There is the American dream, where all man are equal and can acheive the best to their ability. You have acheived the Singapore Dream, which is to not serve the 2 years”

“Please don’t, there are better ways to spend your time. The only meaningful thing I took out of army were the friends I made during that period (still hanging out with my bunkmates from BMT) Other than that, serving did very little for my future.”

“Up PES maximum E9 only. Why voluntarily sign yourself up for two years of doing mundane and repetitive clerical jobs. Not worth it.”

“DO NOT DO IT. I’m sorry to hear about your condition but this is a silver lining if there could be one. Spend the two years of your life doing what YOU want – travel, take courses, learn a language, start working, go to uni whatever. It’ll be better than serving NS, especially since you’ll likely end up as an office rat during NS.”

After reading through all their valuable comments and advice, tomyummmm dropped the bombshell and insisted he was going to appeal his PES status and try for an upgrade. Wuuuuut! :/

“Thanks for sharing, so if i appeal to review my case, i can possibly get PES C1L3 and not E9 like the other dude said? Im planning to appeal once, but if still PES F imma let it go”

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