Guys, I had a huge argument for 2 days w my partner already. she is in late 20s, still mommy’s girl, knn cannot hold her ground. her mom is traditional and dont let her stayover at my place. I’ve been tolerant throughout our relationship.

recently, her mom says ok i can stay their house. i ask why i stay ur house not ur daughter stay my house. her response is i stayover she can see. her daughter stay my house she cannot see. (FYI her hse is small, if i slp i nid share de rm w her mom n my partner, my hse we got all de privacy in my room w own bathroom even, for theirs, 5ppl share 1 bathroom alr knn q bathing oso 1+hr)

cheesepie, i oredi buy house w my partner riaos, plan to wed next year or so le. i dont like to be controlled or to be watched. (FYI limpeh go oversea w dem, her mom choose cojoin room n open de cojoining door midnight walk over to watch limpeh ensure i dont pika her daughter. W T F?)

Now i bring up this issue w my partner, she quarrel w me. i tell her idk i marry her or her mom. knn everything her mom tis her mom tt, tell me sorry her mom traditional, ranjiao rah. idk if in future after marriage, if her mom disallow tis n tt then i cannot make decisions how? ask her disown her parents? i really quite fed up, thinking of giving the house up and suffer penalty. anw she not ready to stand up on her own 2 legs n call herself an adult of her own life. my parents dont even control me like this.

ppl with such experience with such in-laws. please share wif me ur views and solution, how to deal w such parents? knn, child already late 20s liao still wan control de child… sorry for my profanities, more i type more piss off i am.

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