Dear Editor,

I refer to your article
about the handling of this insignificant matter and would like to give my 10
cents share worth as a resident of Braddell Heights!

The behavioral antics of Sylvia Lim’s unreasonable constituent (which is
understandable) drawing unnecessary and undue attention to my Town Council is
very unfair to the S&CC paying residents of Marine Parade whom ESM Goh has
looked after well. Whether we like it or not, fault lines and electoral
boundaries are “bound to occur” in every democratic country and the choices
we make determines the sort of life we wish to live every 5 yearly. Residents
of Marine Parade have accorded the 5 PAP MP’s mandate to govern our area for
the next 5 years and we hope others who are not in Marine Parade can respect

While we absolutely respect the right of the residents of Aljunied to choose
the WP to rule over them in the absence of a strong PAP team there, I also
hope they understand they are voting for limitations and cannot keep crying
victim for NO government in the world helps the Opposition to stifle the
country they run.

The amenities of Marine Parade enjoyed today is not to be taken for granted
and it is years of accumulative hard work and formulation which
unfortunately, the WP does not have the know hows (just take a stroll down
Bedok Reservoir-Punggol and Kampong Chai Chee to see the difference). Hence,
I do not think residents of other towns (PAP included) have a right to demand
the Chair of another hardworking Town Council to suit their whims and fancies
just because they do not enjoy the same quality in their estate.

Dexter W.
A.S.S. Contributor

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