Guys, just want to give anybody out there some hope and advice. I worked and studied part time after NS. After graduation I’ve worked for a few years already. Don’t be so hard up about the starting pay. The few hundred dollars difference doesn’t make a fucking difference. Just go for it if you like the job / opportunities.

1) If you are concerned about pay, just make an effort to jump often. i.e as soon as you get hired, make an exit plan/goal and think about jumping by the next year. Make sure you know your shit in and out. It’s totally cool to make a jump “for the money”. Friend worked as a financial analyst (prolly accounting related) jumped from 3k to 4K+ within 2 years. So if you are concerned about money, the strat is to get in for new experience – get out for the pay. then rinse and repeat. No secret sauce in that.

2) Interesting jobs doesn’t mean good pay. Fucking boring jobs can get far better pay down the road simply because not many people do it/it’s a growing problem. Case in point – compliance in financial institutions is damn routine and I could feel my mind draining away. quit after a couple months during my student days. I seen job postings requesting people with a few years of experience offering 5k+. The work’s complexity doesn’t require a degree but it does pay.

3) HR is not your friend, cos it’s in their kpi to keep labour costs low. Hence point 2.

4) In a lot of industries, the guys who drives sales are more important than those on the computer. Sales jobs in banking can pay quite well. Starting pay for graduates about 3k excl commissions. tough though. Sales jobs in other industries can be rewarding down the road too. Most directors I knew in a conglomerate had sales/marketing/business dev function.

5) Job pool in banking is shrinking cos deal pipeline has been quite dry and the stock market is horrible. I would advise you not to waste time applying to IB/corporate finance/equity research unless you have a solid overseas degree or connections to get in.

6) Engineers are not properly valued in Singapore. Most jobs are in property, airplanes, oil rigs or computers. Real estate, oil and gas not doing well and likely to stagnate for the next 5 years. I would try to get into civil service for the pay if I’m an engineer.

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