For those who are not aware. This is the story of Baby Muhammad

Meet baby Muhammad Noor, he is a 2-year old toddler who unfortunately been diagnosed with Leukemia when he was only 2-month-old. Ever since his childhood was stolen by an illness that no parent wants their child to suffer from. At only 1-year-old (12 months), he had to undergo a painful transplant, followed by his 2nd transplant even before he turned 2. Doctors are now starting to plan for his 3rd and final transplant later this year or early next year.

His father is the only caretaker for this innocent child whose mother left him after doctors broke the news to the family. His father lost his job as baby Muhammad Noor requires 24/7 attention and sadly, no other relatives want to step forward and lend a helping hand for this child.

I am seeking immediate funds for baby Muhammad Noor for his 3rd transplant. We pray he will become stronger and able to enjoy his childhood like any other children. Miracles do happen, come on people, let’s make it happen!

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Update: Sorry for keep posting about baby Muhammad. But they still need our contribution while waiting for approvals from MPs and government bodies. Do pm me Cahaya Hatimu and comment below to contribute

Contact Cahaya Hatimu ( if you like to help.

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