On the way to school this morning in the bus, I was molested. The bus was very crowded but I found an empty seat on a two-seater. While I was sitted, there was this middle aged man who was standing too close beside me. Then I felt his crotch touching my shoulder. At first I thought maybe it was an accident as there were a lot of passengers and they were congesting the space.

But then I realized he kept maintaining contact with me, so I knew something was not right. I tried to move inwards but the person beside me had his legs so wide open and made it difficult.

Then the man standing started to sway side to side and I felt his c**k rubbing on me. I was so shocked and felt like standing up and giving him a tight slap. >:-/ But I was very scared and embarrassed that I couldn’t move and just pretended nothing is happening and played with my phone. I wished either one of us alight quickly.

Then there was an Indian girl who I guessed she knew what was happening as she kept glaring at that man. She started raising her voice and called out, “Can everyone move to the back? Thanks!” So some people followed her instruction and moved. But that man pretended to allow people to pass and pushed himself even closer to me. But the girl immediately singled him out and told him, “Excuse me. Can YOU move to the back? There are people trying to board.” Fortunately he complied and thus ended my 10 minutes of agonizing violation

To that girl who to came to aid, I just want to say a really BIG THANK YOU SO MUCH! XD I really wanted to thank you in person just now but I was too shy to do it. And I really appreciate that you did not make the situation awkward for me and you pretended that nothing bad was happening. When you gave me that reassuring wink, I knew you are a kind and great lady who looks out for the well-being from others. I don’t know who are but I only know you are also from NUS FASS since your shirt gave it away.

I am not sure if you read NUSWhispers but I really hope you do and understand my gratitude. So great to have people like you around! I really hope to see you around in campus

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