Last Friday, PRC crook Yang Yin was sentenced to a 6-year imprisonment term for criminal breach of trust involving misappropriation involving $1.1 million. The day before, he also got a 26-month jail term for immigration-related offences.

While justice may seem to have been served, it is also imperative to see the underlying policy failure on part of the PAP.

In Yang’s case, his PR application was processed even with seeming loopholes Not only did he produce a degree from a non-existent “University of Financial and Trade”, this was previously exposed as fraud by the Chinese government as early as 2013 while he was ‘only’ a music teacher. (Link:

Why wasn’t there a quality check when processing his application? How many of such people are there? Was the government only more alert after political pressure put them on their toes?

Clearly with their insane 6.9 million PWP target, the PAP is evidentially more interested in quantity than quality. If you look at the latest population breakdown, there are more than 1 million work permit holders doing low-end vocation such as manufacturing and construction.

Why is this wrong? Some may argue that such vocations are needed for construction and to keep Singapore businesses alive and in operations. Because of this addiction to cheap labour; companies have no incentive to invest in automation and productivity has been on the continuous decline because of this.

For instance, why would a company buy a self-operating machine for $5 million when they are able to hire 10 low-end foreign labour to do the same work for $15,000 a month? And these 10 foreign workers contribute to congestion and a strain on our infrastructure and national productivity!

Need more evidence? The PAP would seem so desperate for such dubious qualifications that people such as Nisha Padmanabhan was being defended by the government and PAP ministers even though her masters was deemed to be from a degree mill.

On the other end of the spectrum, the number of HDB flats build, available hospital beds and expenditure on transport had barely kept up when the population increased by 1 Million from 2001 to 2011! Just 5 years ago, young couples had to spend $500,000 on a flat, elderly patients had to sleep on hospital corridors and everyone had to squeeze on a half-reliable MRT system!

Clearly, Population madness + PAP’s lack of 20/20 foresight + Minister’s tolerance for incompetence = Messy Singapore!

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