I think there are bed bugs in the UTown Starbucks. I was there 2 days ago and was bitten by something. I tot it was just mosquito bites and didn’t think much abt it. Today in class in I put on the jacket which I brought to UTown that day and was bitten twice by something. It was extremely itchy.

Sensing something was wrong, I flipped through my jacket and saw something brown crawling on it. OMFG! it was a fucking bed bug! It scared the shit out of me and I threw away the jacket. The more I think abt it the more I’m sure it was from UTown Starbucks.

1st, it is quite unlikely to find mosquitoes in aircon room (UTown Starbucks). 2nd, I had never been bitten before in my house. 3rd, the seats there seem kinda slimy and disgusting.

Everyone please beware. I’m not kidding.

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