Dear Editors,

This morning (4 October 2016) on the Downtown line, a platform door at Sixth Avenue MRT station broke off and as a result, the platform doors were unable to close causing hazard to commuters.

The rail operator SBS suspended train service between Sixth Avenue station and King Albert Park station and provided free bus bridging service for commuters.

As a result of this rail suspension, Primary school students on the way to their PSLE exams were affected by the delay. They might reach their exam venues on time but this fright of not making it for your exams may have shaken up our 12 years olds and affected their concentration and performance in the exams.

Although the Singapore Examination & Assessment Board (SEAB) has announced “candidates affected by train disruption at Downtown Line Stations between King Albert Park and Sixth Avenue (both bounds) should reach their exam centre before the end of the paper to sit for the exams. Otherwise, pls go to the nearest centre. Full duration would be given”, would this be enough?

Is this fair to our young students who are taking the most important examination in their lives to date? Doesn’t this breakdown put unnecessary stress on the already very stressful day for them? Khaw Boon Wan you must reflect on your performance.

Sarah Wong (Parent)
A.S.S. Contributor

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