This cat was a resident at Blk 816 since young but 2 years back she was catnapped and relocated to the Blk 130 series area for about 3 months before she was found and brought back to Blk 816.

She was perfectly normal since then but then went missing in the recent past 2 weeks.

The cat was found again but in this bad state at Blk 138 yesterday. We are not sure what really happened but help could have been sought and rendered to the cat sooner. The cat has suffered so much and is very traumatized.

The cat, now named Beth, about 5-8 years old, has been hospitalized and is being attended to for treatment of the very bad wounds and injuries. Her front left paw had nerve injuries and the hind left paw with rotting flesh and may have to be amputated if it cannot be treated and saved.

We are appealing for your very kind support to help defray the hospital and treatment costs for Beth. Please do a transfer to POSB E-savings 075-01792-8 and PM us with the following :-
1. Your name ___ Beth
2. Amount donated
3. Your bank account number
4. Date of transaction

Thank you for your kind generosity. And please pray for Beth’s quick recovery.

Team Mira

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