Dear Editors,

China is throwing its weight in the South-East Asia region and demanding small countries submit to their will or risk punishment. Is this how a big country behaves and leads a good example for other nations to follow? China is such a big powerful country but has the insecurity of a child, thinking that might is right. Rules only apply to small nations while China can pressure and reject rules if its not in their favour. How is China different from USA and Russia who insists on doing things their way?

Look at these PRC netizens call for Singapore to be destroyed physically and economically when Singapore disagree with China’s principles. Maybe China is not as wise and clear headed as everyone hoped they would be. I have translated their comments to English for you. Please share with your readers.


(Singapore is a pi sai county, in the eyes of us PRC chinese, Singapore is just an ant. Singapore is stupid to challenge China. Singapore may have father USA but China is not afraid. Once war start in South China Sea, Singapore can still survive? S’pore definitely first to be destroyed because USA navy base is there.)


(Singapore is a country made up of traitors, without Straits of Malacca, they are nothing. S’pore is same like Australia, worthless creatures without any abilities, they are only America’s dogs. Once war start, China destroys the running dogs first.)


(One small little city dares to challenge their biggest customer. Snub China when we give them face, Singapore just you wait to become a dead port. No more business for you.)


(Singapore now is worse than Japan and become China’s number one enemy. China must retaliate, stop being blur and take this ravenous wolf Singapore as our friend or we will be eaten up alive by Singapore)


(Singapore is a pi sai county, betray its chinese ancestors, now they are USA’s running dogs. Eat too much nothing better to do. Once the thailand kra ithmus canal is built, Singapore is dead fish!)

True Blue Sinkie
A.S.S. Contributor

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