Just wanted to share my story here and hopefully get some helpful advice.

I’m currently a first year student at the University of Western Australia in
Perth, studying Architecture. Now before I go on, I want to put a disclaimer
out there that the situation that I am sharing on this platform may not be
relatable to everyone, but if you do have any advice, I would be very

Prior to my undergraduate studies, I graduated with a Diploma in Renewable
Energy Engineering from Republic Polytechnic. Honestly, the reason why I
chose the mentioned course from RP was because I did not perform academically
well in my ‘O’ Levels and I did not have much of a choice for courses when it
came to Polytechnic. As the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers. It was
either one of the engineering courses in Republic Polytechnic, or ITE( which
my parents strongly objected to). Since Secondary 1, I’ve always wanted to be
able to study Veterinary Science but then again, I did not qualify for it
when I went to Polytechnic. When it came to choosing a course in RP, I really
didn’t know what I wanted to choose/study because I had interest in none of

I was told by my parents to get a diploma first in any discipline and then
decide what I would like to study in University. So, I went ahead with their
advice. Through polytechnic, I tried my best and graduated with a GPA of 3.4.
Until then I still wasn’t sure of what I should study in University, to head
on to opt for Veterinary Science, or just continue with something
similar/related to my diploma. I was really pressured when choosing what I
would like to do for University. My parents got impatient with me and I was
literally told ” Choose before we choose for you.” So I was ok, heck it, and
thus, Architecture.

After being into the course for almost a year, I am not enjoying what I am
doing right now at all. I am suffering in the course, I don’t enjoy it and
barely passing my modules. I brought the subject up to my parents to switch
courses ( I actually applied to switch courses before telling them) and told
them I would like to give Architecture up and switch to Veterinary Science.
However, they are against the idea of me switching courses because:

1) I have to start from Year 1 again.
2) I do not have any foundation in Biology ( I did not take biology in
Secondary school because they did not offer it to the NA stream)

I did talk to the course counsellors from the University and was told that
applicants need not have any biology background at undergraduate level
because all teaching materials are from basic and to be a vet I have to get a
Bachelor of Science before doing a post graduate. Right now, I’m really
troubled because I do not see myself in the built environment industry in
years to come. My parents are now telling me to get a Degree first then
decide what I wanna pursue at post-graduate level (very similar to what they
told me when I was doing my Diploma :|). I really need some advice on how
should I handle this situation effectively without hurting any relationships.


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