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Re:Beware of this unprofessional exporter named Kent handphone number 94X2 5XXX

anyway the story goes like this…i was interested to sell my car on and this exporter by the name of Kent was interested to view my car.On 1st Oct 2016 he drop by and i was busy so my mum showed him the car. He told my mum that he has handled BMW 6 and 7 Series before so he went into the driver seat and test drive with my mum sitting beside him.

After the test drive he parked at the multi storey carpark lot and he played around with my car button whereby one button is the open boot button. Suddenly my mum heard a loud thud and my car boot was dented by the metal steel bar when the boot sprang up causing a dent and paintwork as shown on the pic. He just went oops and did not show any remorse and did not even take a look at the boot. So my mum called me and i told him over the phone that the damage has been caused regardless whether he decided to purchase ornot he must compensate me for the big dent to the car boot. He told me there was a windscreen crack for my car and he wanted to check the cost before deciding to confirm the deal with me on monday 3 oct 2016. So i said ok.

On monday 3 oct 2016 he offered a price lower than what i expected and he give me a take or leave it offer asking me to fix the windscreen or he will take in the car minus $1,350 for windscreen repair. I told him since the price is not agreeable he should still compensate me for the damage caused to the boot. He still prefer to lowball me and showed no remorse so i guess its better to take precaution against such unprofessional car exporter. Attached is the damage to my car boot and his picture and our chat conversation.


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