Was walking along blk 236 bukitbatok east ave 5 yesterday ard evening 10plus.

Saw a dog without owner running across to the other side of the road. Heard one aunty of few metres away shouting oi come back oi come back but wat annoying was that she did not go after the dog… at first i assume she might hv some walking difficulties (unable to climb down the stairs etc) so i chased after the dog n tried to lead him back to the owner.

When the dog ran back, the very first thing that that aunty did was trying to beat him n the dog trying to siam her… by then, i already known that she dislikes this dog and she somehow had to bring him downstairs to do his business.

What i got the shocking reply from her after i warned her abt the danger of being knocked down by the moving vehicles, she simply bocup saying DUN CARE HIM LAH !?!

If u belong to the same type that entrust yr pets to yr parents n expect they will look after for u, please WAKE UP!

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