A reader shared this Facebook post with us for awareness.

“I’ve been outside India for more than 10 years now, and today I saw the real face of racism.

I was at Parkway Shenton; Republic Plaza coming out of a GP appointment for my 2yr old. Many, comes out and cries that he wants to go home.

This man, slothing in a couch with his shoes on the sofa handles screams “get that brat out of here”.

Obviously I confronted him to mind his language and head back.

“Look at the two of you, and have you seen your kid in the mirror? He looks like a mongel. Get out back to the shithole you came from, no one wants you here.”

The worst part in all of this, is the doctor who heard it comes and escorts me out of the premises with the words “God will take care of him”.

Yes, I was escorted out, not the potty-mouth. I asked the staff the name of the individual to file a report on racial abuse and was told “sorry we can’t give you that”.

I’m stepping up. I filed a police report. I will stand up to racist thugs. Here is a picture of that guy. Tag, share, shame.

#mysonisnomongrel #shameparkwayshenton

Edited to add: managed to mail the CEO of parkway shenton. She says someone would get in touch with us to discuss”

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