The recent past has seen several deadly mishaps that leads one to question the quality of our workforce and, more importantly, its leadership. Just this morning, we learnt of an SMRT bus driver taking the bus over an empty field when he thought no one was looking and got it stuck in the mud.

Other incidents involving bus drivers were not so amusing. A 29-year-old woman was killed when she was struck by an SBS Transit bus in Toh Tuck Avenue. An elderly pedestrian died after a bus ran him over at Toa Payoh. A visitor from Britain was fatally hit by a bus while he was crossing the road at Upper Cross Street. An SMRT bus driver ran over and killed a 60-year-old woman at Yishun.

Then, a slab of concrete installed as a sunshade collapsed in Tampines. It was a stroke of good fortune that it did not topple and kill anyone. Two shelter walkways were hit by crane-lorries in Bukit Batok, one of them toppled over with the base-plates of the shelter ripped from the ground. Luckily, no one was injured.

Several lift breakdowns resulted in severe injuries to passengers and even caused the death of an elderly man. Two young MRT maintenance workers were killed at the Pasir Ris station when safety procedures broke down.

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